Campus Activities


Every year, Enactus teams across Nigeria have the opportunity of receiving an Enactus Program staff on their campus for a two to three day of team visitation and training. This is a very strategic part of the Enactus year as it amongst other things, provide teams with the opportunity to interact and share knowledge and experience with the Enactus program staff present especially as it affects the team’s dynamics, projects and understanding of the Enactus concepts, processes and purpose.

The Enactus team visitation and training program is designed to enable the Enactus Country office provide hands on learning experience for the teams as it ensures inclusiveness. Among other things the team visitation and training exercise seeks to achieve, it is designed to:

1. Provide better understanding of Enactus concept, process and purpose for all Enactus teams

2. Enhance the impact, scale and scope of projects undertaken by teams by providing them with project management best practice

3. Support the team’s publicity and recruitment process

4. Promote and ensure cordial relationship between team and Faculty Advisor(s) as well as Institution Management

During these visits, the discussions and interactions are tailored to address the peculiar challenges of the teams especially as it relates to managing outcome based projects, managing the Enactus team and preparations for the National Competition. The Enactus Team Visitation and Training program brings a lot of buzz and excitement to these campuses as they are excited to see the Enactus Program Staff analyze the depth of their projects impact and what areas needs improvement. It is truly safe to say that a properly executed team visitation and training program, translates into better projects with great reach and impact and a very competitive National Competition.


The Enactus Nigeria On-Campus Competition also known as the Campus Entrepreneurship challenge is a showcase of the innovative solutions by Enactus teams that are carefully crafted and implemented with the aim of transforming lives and enabling progress in the team’s host community and others by extension.

It is also a publicity event and marketing tool that inspires commitment and support from key stakeholders i.e. institution’s management, cooperate organizations and students. It enables teams select their best life changing projects in preparation for the National Competition with the hope that these projects would earn them a place to represent Nigeria at the prestigious Enactus World Cup competition. The On campus Competition therefore, is a compulsory stage in an Enactus year as it provides Enactus teams the opportunity to share the results of the different projects implemented by the various groups whilst gathering strong support and followership from the institution’s management, prospective and existing partners as well as fellow students.

The Campus Entrepreneurship Challenge provides a fantastic opportunities for both prospective and existing partners to see firsthand how through these innovative solutions, the Enactus team seeks to transform the lives of target beneficiaries, empower individuals and thereby opening up opportunities for further partnerships. Thus, this strengthen their relationship with the institution’s management whilst working together to achieve the set objectives, create more awareness of their activities and encourage more membership and thus market the team and its activities to all stakeholders

Amongst other things, the campus entrepreneurship challenge helps to identify and select the best team of presenters who will represent the team thus serving as a dress rehearsal to the National Competition.