National Competition


The Enactus Nigeria National competition is a showcase of how our students across 27 states are transforming lives and enabling progress in about 90 communities through entrepreneurial action. These dynamic and inspiring events encourage creativity and reward results, ultimately leading to stronger programs and more lives improved.

Each year, every participating country holds a National Competition to determine its representative at the prestigious Enactus World Cup. At the National Competition, various projects showcased by competing Enactus institutions are evaluated based on the depth and reach of the impact of their projects by a team of top business leaders serving as judges. The team with the most impactful, relevant, innovative, scalable and sustainable project(s) is named National champion and represents the country at the Enactus World Cup which is held annually at various prominent cities across the world -

Every Enactus student in Nigeria eagerly engages in social enterprise interventions across communities by implementing educational and community based projects that address real developmental, social and economic problems, thus transforming the lives of their target beneficiaries while making significant impact on themselves. Having successfully implemented these impactful projects and recorded results, the Enactus team collates the results and prepares to share its success story at the Enactus Nigeria National Competition.